6 Easy Ways To Stay Safe While Operating A Garage Door

6 Easy Ways To Stay Safe While Operating A Garage Door

Garage doors are one of the heaviest and largest door openings in a home. You need to stay extra cautious while working with these giant doors. If handled improperly, they may fall upon a person causing serious injuries or even death. To stay on a safer side, it is advised to get your residential garage door installed by a professional installer.

Not only this, you also need to handle it with care. A misaligned or damaged door is always at a risk of falling. Get your automatic overhead door inspected and repaired by expert technicians. Tell your family about the risks involved in opening or closing the door with ignorance and ask your kids not to touch or play near the garage as a safety measure.

To keep yourself and your family safe, follow these garage door safety tips:

  1. While operating a garage door, don’t allow your kids to roam around you. The reason being they can accidentally go near the door and hurt themselves.
  2. No matter, your door is making weird sounds or not, it is necessary to inspect it at least once in a month to prevent any expensive repairs and replacements.
  3. If your existing overhead door lacks a photo eye safety mechanism or is worn-out, get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid any tragic situations.
  4. In case, you notice any of the door components to be broken or worn-out, never go for a DIY replacement, instead, call a garage door technician to handle the situation.
  5. Never leave your roller door partially opened, as this heavy door may fail to stand-by for a long time and end up falling, thereby risking your and your vehicle’s safety.
  6. Don’t let your kids and pets to play or roam near the garage as no one knows when they’ll start using their mischievous mind in trying to open the garage door.

So, these were the few important yet easy to follow measures to ensure your and your family’s safety while operating an overhead door. If you are looking to install a new sectional door or want to replace the existing one, feel free to consult our technicians at Whitby Garage Doors.