How To Operate Your Garage Door During Summer Power Outage?

How To Operate Your Garage Door During Summer Power Outage?Summers come with a lot of issues, such as extreme temperature, electrical storms and power outages. When it comes to overhead door operations, power plays a great role in door mechanism, especially if yours is an automatic one with a door opener. Automatic garage doors offer a number of benefits compared to the traditional ones including remote access control.

If your overhead door is not backed up with a generator facility, you may end up facing hassles in operating it during a power outage. The electronic access doesn’t work in the absence of electricity, thereby causing inconvenience. If you want an easy way out to operate your garage door without an automatic mechanism, here are few steps to follow:

  • Bypass the Automatic Opener
    Almost all doors are equipped with a manual bypass which is specially designed to tackle the situations of a power outage. It actually comes in the form of a rope with a handle which hangs from the garage door opener. By pulling this rope down, the opener automatically gets disconnected. Perform this step only with a closed garage door.
  • Operate Garage Door Manually
    After the opener is disconnected or disengaged, move forward and pull the rope back towards the motor as far as you can. Since power outages are often for a shorter duration, your garage door opener will start working in the no time. In case, the outage is for a longer duration, try using the door in a previous manner.

When the Power Comes Back
As soon as the power comes back, reconnect the door with an automatic opener. To do so, pull the pulley or bypass handle until it snaps back to its exact place. You can also consider pushing a button on opener which is meant to automatically reconnect the mechanism.

So, these were the ways to operate your garage door during a power outage. If you are looking for a reliable overhead door installation company for top-notch summer door maintenance and repair, feel free to call our experts at Whitby Garage Doors in Oshawa.